4 Ways to Overcome a Shy Child To Be More Confident

Already at toddler age and ready for school, but your little one is still shy? Try how to deal with this shy child, Ma. But remember not to be scolded, OK!

The nature of children is different, some are shy and vice versa. It’s just that sometimes there are shy children and it affects their social life. Therefore, some parents do everything they can to deal with shy children to make them more confident.

Actually, shy children have advantages, namely being independent and empathetic. However, it takes them a long time to adapt to a new environment. This then makes it a little difficult to make friends.

Well, to overcome this, there are several ways that Mom & Dadcan do to overcome shy children to be more confident. Remember, don’t push and stay patient, OK!

Don’t label

One way you should always remember is not to label her as a shy child. Even though it may be just a “joking”, but this labeling will actually make him believe that he is indeed shy.

This makes his shy nature even worse. Therefore, for mothers who had given the label a shy child, they began to be avoided, yes. Don’t forget to tell people around you not to get used to labeling your baby.

Practicing self-confidence

The most effective way to deal with shy children is to train their self-confidence. This is important, you know, because shy children usually tend to be insecure. You can try practicing self-confidence at home. For example, by asking him to do things he likes, such as playing LEGO.

As Mama and Papa know, one of the benefits of playing LEGO is building self-confidence. When they succeed in creating the desired shape, this is where their confidence increases.

Of course, because of this simple step they can tell about their favorite game. Or they could also meet and make friends with friends who have the same hobby.

Don’t scold or force him

Never scold your little one for being shy. In fact, don’t force your little one to be brave, because that will only make them depressed. For that, try to see what happened and understand his feelings.

Mom & Dadshould be able to explain to the little one that everything is fine and there is no need to be afraid or embarrassed. Of course, this is not easy and takes time. However, this method is quite effective in growing your little one’s confidence, you know.

Keep giving praise and support

Giving praise for all the achievements of the child is mandatory and important. This will make him more confident, and encourage positive attitudes that are in him.

For example, when your little one has the courage to make friends at school, Mama can give positive, constructive sentences. In addition, giving praise will also build the child’s motivation to become even better.