5 Tips for Overcoming a Fussed Child in Hot Weather

Hot weather often makes children fussy. Moreover, children who are still babies, of course, often make us confused by their cries. We wonder what exactly makes children cry all the time. Who would have thought that this might be due to the hot weather and made his body feel hot.

So, as parents, before the child fusses and complains about his hot body, we must have the initiative to make the child feel comfortable. Here are five tips for dealing with a fussy child in hot weather.

1. Wipe or shower

The first tip, we can help children get a more comfortable body by wiping or bathing them. Wiping with warm water can make the child feel much better.

2. Wear light clothes

After wiping, put light clothes on the child. For example, using a singlet, so the child will feel much fresher.

In addition to clothes, bed linen used as a child’s base must also use cotton or materials that are not hot and rough. This will make the child’s skin more comfortable and less irritated.

3. Make the room cooler

We also have to make the room cooler when the weather is hot, the children are not fussy. For example, by opening all the windows so that the wind can get in and out, turning on the fan or air conditioner is also quite helpful.

4. Sufficient fluid needs

When the weather is hot, then try to meet the fluid needs of children. We can give the child breast milk or drink water. This helps the child not to become dehydrated.

5. Move to a cooler room

When the room that is being used by the child is exposed more clearly to sunlight, then we can move the child to another room, a cooler room. This is done so that children can be a little more comfortable with the atmosphere of the room they occupy.

Here are 5 ways to deal with fussy children due to hot weather. Just like us adults, when the weather is hot, children also want their bodies to be in a fresh condition, comfortable surroundings, and a cool room.