6 Tips to Keep Mother and Fetus Healthy During Second Trimester Pregnancy

“There are several changes that will occur when you enter pregnancy in the second trimester. Some of them are natural because the baby in the womb continues to grow. However, mothers still need to understand how to maintain health during this period. the baby in the womb will also be optimal.”

Pregnancy is the most awaited moment for mothers. Waiting for the baby to grow and develop in the womb must make the mother very enthusiastic. Even so, mothers will definitely experience various changes, both physical changes and emotional conditions.

In addition to the mother will experience an increase in weight, the mother will also get tired easily, backache, irritable, and much more. No need to worry, because this condition is normal.

The second trimester is the most vulnerable time for pregnant women to miscarry. Therefore, mothers need to maintain a healthy body and the baby in the womb so that they are always healthy. Let’s look at the following tips for maintaining health during the second trimester of pregnancy.

How to Maintain Health During the Second Trimester

Here are some ways that mothers can do to maintain the health of mothers and babies in the womb during the second trimester:

1. Get enough rest

Feelings of drowsiness and tiredness that seem to have no end are not conditions that mothers need to worry about, because these occur as a result of increased levels of the hormone progesterone in the body. No wonder when the mother is pregnant, the mother will sleep more. Reduce strenuous activities that will make the mother more easily tired.

2. Pay attention to the nutritional intake that enters the body

Fetal health is not only influenced by the mother’s activities, but also the intake of nutrients that enter the mother’s body every day. During the second trimester of pregnancy, mothers need to eat foods rich in choline to support the development of the little one’s brain. Some foods that you can try are egg yolks, milk, beef, and soy. In addition to choline, all these foods are also high in protein.

3. Be more careful when moving

The growing belly will certainly limit the movement of the mother’s body. Therefore, mothers need to be careful when doing activities so as not to endanger the condition of the fetus in the womb. If you want to pick up objects that are at your feet, start by squatting, not bending over. However, you should avoid carrying heavy objects and all sudden movements because they will have a negative impact on the fetus.

4. Exercise regularly

Limitations of movement during pregnancy does not mean that mothers can be lazy more, yes. Instead, fill the time with light exercise, such as walking every morning or participating in pregnancy exercises. Exercise is needed so that blood circulation in the mother’s body remains smooth, it is also very helpful for mothers when facing childbirth later.

5. Relax and Relax

Mother’s emotions, which tend to be volatile and unstable during the second trimester of pregnancy, sometimes make mothers uncomfortable. Try to cope with more relaxing and relaxation. Do various activities that you enjoy, because this can restore your mood. In addition to restoring the mother’s mood for the better, relaxing and relaxation also helps reduce stress, so that the mother and fetus stay healthy.

6. Checking Dental Health

Mothers need to know that during the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother will be prone to bleeding gums, infections, or various other dental health problems. In addition, the problem of plaque on the gums will be very disturbing. So, don’t forget to check your teeth regularly, OK?

Those were some tips for maintaining the health of the mother and fetus during the second trimester of pregnancy. In addition, mothers can also check their health needs during pregnancy at the health store at Halodoc. Ordering pregnancy medications and supplements on Halodoc is quite easy and orders can arrive in less than an hour. Practical isn’t it? Let’s download Halodoc now on the Play Store or App Store!