6 Tricks to Overcome a Crying Baby You May Not Know

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a crying baby? In fact, various ways have been done, but the Little One is still fussy and crying. If you often find it difficult to deal with a fussy baby, maybe you need to try the following tricks to deal with a crying baby.

Crying is a way for babies to convey everything they feel. Babies cry when they feel sick, hungry, tired, bored, or uncomfortable because their diaper is wet. So, don’t be surprised if the total time that babies can spend crying can reach 1-4 hours a day.

In addition, babies can also experience a purple crying phase, which is a phase when the baby cries more often and is difficult to soothe.

How to Calm a Crying Baby

Hearing a baby crying all the time can make you feel worried or it may become frustrating.

If several ways have been done, such as giving him milk, holding, or changing his diaper, but your little one is still crying, try some of these ways to deal with a crying baby:

1. Create a sound that makes baby comfortable

While still in the womb, your little one is used to hearing certain sounds, such as the sound of your digestive tract moving, your heartbeat, and the sound of your blood flowing through your body. These sounds can actually make him calm while in your body.

You can bring that nuance back when your little one is constantly fussy. Examples of noisy sounds that can be heard to deal with a crying baby are the sound of a fan, heartbeat, the sound of waves on the beach, or the radio.

Record these sounds on your cellphone or try to find a feature on your cellphone that can play these sounds, then play them when your little one cries. Make sure to keep the sound from being too loud or too close to it.

2. Turn off the lights

One easy way to calm a crying baby is to turn off the lights in the bedroom or make the room dim. This can make it calmer like being in the womb.

3. Give a massage

Several studies have shown that loving touch when massaging a baby is proven to reduce crying and make him sleep more soundly.

How to do it is also not difficult. Simply undress the baby and give a gentle massage on the feet, hands, back, chest, and face of your little one for 10-15 minutes until he looks calm and falls asleep.

4. Bathing her

Bathing a baby can be a way to calm him down when he cries. This is because some babies feel calm when they hear the sound of gurgling water. Even so, don’t bathe your little one too often, Bun. Contact with water too often can dry out the skin.

5. Replay the sound of crying

When your little one cries, try to record the sound of his crying. After that, set it up and let your little one hear it. This method is sometimes quite effective in overcoming a crying baby.

6. Try the kangaroo method

The kangaroo method is a technique where the mother or father hugs the baby by direct physical contact or there is skin contact between the baby and his parents.

Several studies have shown that the kangaroo method can effectively calm a crying baby and provide warmth to his body. If done regularly, this method can also help increase the baby’s weight and can bring the relationship between the baby and its parents closer.

When trying to stop your little one’s crying, don’t immediately apply all the tricks above. This can actually make him confused and continue to cry.

It is recommended to try a trick or two at a time. If that works, do the same trick the next time she cries.

However, if you are confused about which method is suitable for use or even suspect that a baby’s crying is caused by a certain disease, then immediately consult a pediatrician.