Foods That Pregnancy Mom Should Not Eat

Being ready for pregnancy means being ready to give up some of the things you like, in order to protect and care for the little one who is still developing in your stomach. For example, by reducing or even stopping consuming some of your favorite foods and drinks.

Each of your choices and decisions in consuming food and drinks every day will greatly affect the development process for children. Follow what foods and drinks are prohibited for pregnancy mom.

1. If You Pregnancy Mom don’t Drinks Alcoholic beverages

Drinks that contain alcohol, regardless of the level, are not recommend for consumption during pregnancy. Consuming alcoholic beverages when in pregnancy mom can increase the risk of developmental delays for children, premature birth and problems with the little one’s hearing and vision systems later.

2. Unpasteurized dairy products

Foods that are not allow for pregnancy mom are consuming blue cheese or cheese with a white skin layer. Unless the cheese product is labeled cook or pasteuriz. This is because blue cheese or cheese with a white coating is made from milk. That has not been pasteurized or through a heating process. So it can contain lyseria bacteria which can cause serious inflammatory problems.

Even so, you can still consume other dairy products such as mozzarella and cottage cheese, as well as solid cheeses such as cheddar and Parmesan. Although all three are made from unpasteurized milk, these cheeses are germ-free due to their high acid content and low water content.

3. Several

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