5 Tips for Overcoming Tantrums at the Age of One

Congratulations Mom, this month your little one will be one year old, yes. How does it grow? Of course he has gone through various stages of development that make Mother both amazed and proud. Well, at the age of one year, he usually begins to learn to walk on his own and is increasingly independent. But emotionally, the little one is also not comfortable feeling as a separate individual from the mother. Therefore, when he feels tired, sick or scared, he still needs Mother’s presence beside him to make him feel comfortable and safe. In addition to becoming more independent, your little one also begins to learn to express his emotions. One type of expression that you may encounter in children aged 1 year and over, is a tantrum. Let’s identify the causes and how to overcome them.

What are Tantrums?

Tantrum is a condition in which your child shows extreme or even aggressive behavior because he feels frustrated or angry. This behavior can be found in children aged 1 to 3 years. Tantrums are usually expressed in the form of crying, screaming, hitting, throwing things, pushing or biting. What caused it? In addition to physiological triggers such as feeling tired, hungry or sick, tantrums can also be caused by frustration. This frustration is caused because the little one has a strong desire to be independent, but at the same time wants to get the full attention of parents. Plus, he doesn’t yet have the ability to communicate his desires … Read More