Causes of fussy baby while bathing

Many children are excited during the bath session, but not a few also show discomfort when being bathed. Things like this are not strange, right, Bun, especially in the early days of bathing the Baby. To get around his fussy habits, you must first find out the cause. Therefore, first consider the following information

Temperature Change

Baby’s skin is usually still sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. One of the possible reasons for her crying was the drastic temperature change she felt when she put her directly into the bath. When bathing your baby, make sure the temperature of the bath water is not too hot and not too cold. Ideally, bathe with a lukewarm temperature because with the right temperature, your baby will feel calm and will have a pleasant bathing moment.

Hunger Before Bath

One of the signs that your baby is hungry is when he cries. Hunger conditions will make your baby fussy while bathing. To prevent this, it’s a good idea to give him milk or eat one hour before his bath time. Don’t bathe him right away after he eats, Bun, give it time first so that the incoming food is digested by the Baby.

Different Bath Schedule

Doing the same routine every day will help your baby’s body adjust more easily. As with bathing, Mother needs to pay attention to the right time so that she gets used to the activity. Don’t let bathing become a routine that he doesn’t like.