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Stop swaddling when your child can roll onto their abdomen. Avoid bundling your baby with too many warm layers beneath the swaddle. Leave two fingers of area between the swaddling fabric and your baby’s chest for wiggle room. Lay your baby on a piece of soppy cloth that’s been folded into a diamond shape. In addition, swaddling reduces the chance of infants waking themselves up with their Moro reflex — startling at sudden sounds or movement and flailing their little arms. If your baby is crying for 3 or more hours a day, 3 or more days every week, in the course of the first three months of life, count your self amongst this unlucky group.

Colic often starts at round 6 weeks and sometimes fades by month 3 or four, but it’s tough-occurring both child and you. But you’ve played together with your child, fed them, burped them, checked their diaper, and made sure they aren’t in ache — so why are they nonetheless fussing? Using the 5 S’s can make it straightforward to assuage your child. Despite your exhaustion and frustration, you know that your child is crying because it’s the one method they have to tell you that they need something. After hours of trying to appease your fussy child, you’re probably questioning if there are any magic tricks on the market that you simply don’t learn about. If your physician notices any abnormal pattern, he or she might first take steps to supply your child with more oxygen.

baby health

Eliminate all environmental tobacco smoke publicity, as this is a significant contributing factor to reflux. Encourage non-nutritive/consolation sucking on the breast, since non-nutritive sucking reduces irritation and speeds gastric emptying. A cold or allergic reactions can lead to child swallowing mucus and spitting up extra. When teething, infants are inclined to drool more and often swallow lots of that additional saliva – this can cause additional spitting up.

As at all times, experiment to seek out what works finest on your child. Excessive caffeine in mother’s diet can contribute to reflux.