Let’s Know 7 Easy Ways To Stimulate Children To Talk

Maybe the mother is getting confused about how to make her little one speak fluently? Especially when your little one starts school. How does he communicate with his peers? Many mothers are finally worried that their little one will experience speech delay. So for that, mothers must know 7 easy ways to stimulate children to talk.

1. Parents as an example

The main stimulus for children to speak must come from parents. You can start by explaining things to her. Starting from what they see, where they are and the things they like. Mother told them everything that might interest them. Mother can also start this stimulation since the child is still a baby. Even though it seems that he doesn’t understand yet, children’s brains from infancy can record what they hear and see. Don’t forget to always say positive sentences to your little one so that he records well every word.

2. Mother starts by using the correct language

Mothers must respond by using the correct language to the little one. Mothers must respond by using the correct language to the little one.

Sometimes your little one still uses baby talk when talking. Examples when pronouncing drink becomes ‘minyum’ or what becomes ‘papa’. Mothers can still respond to their little ones by using the correct language to develop their vocabulary skills. Stimulation like this can make your little one understand the words that the mother is saying.

3. Using songs to introduce vocabulary

At the age of toddlers, it is most fun to teach your little one using songs. Mother can invite him to sing along so he feels happy playing while learning. Stimulation like this allows him to master vocabulary through songs. You can use an existing song but change the words according to your creativity. Because by singing children can quickly catch what he hears.

Playing gadgets excessively turns out to be a risk for children to experience speech delays.

4. Listen to the child every time he begins to learn to talk

If your little one starts talking, you can be a good listener for him. In addition, the mother can also respond to every chatter of the little one. Mothers should focus on listening by stopping other activities and making eye contact with them. This will keep your little one motivated to keep talking.

5. Diligently read books to increase vocabulary

Mothers can stimulate children to talk by reading books to them. This activity can increase the child’s vocabulary from what the mother reads. Mother can choose a picture book that can be read while showing the pictures in the book. Every now and then, try to provoke your little one’s response to reiterate the vocabulary that the mother had said in the storybook. Hearing and learning the words that he saw in the picture repeatedly will stimulate his brain’s ability to speak.

6. Use body language to be more attractive

You can start by showing something with body language. For example, when the child points to something, the mother can say the name of the object she is pointing at so that the child will remember the vocabulary that the mother introduced. Repeat on every object he sees to stimulate his brain to practice speaking skills.

7. Give children praise when they succeed in pronouncing new vocabulary

Give praise if your child manages to pronounce the vocabulary. Give praise if your child manages to pronounce the vocabulary.

If your little one has managed to pronounce the vocabulary that you taught him, don’t forget to give him a compliment. This can train his confidence so that he is not shy in saying something. Besides that, it can stimulate your little one to say other vocabulary. Even though it looks simple, your little one will understand that the vocabulary he speaks is understood by the mother.