Tips for Staying Fit During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may often feel uncomfortable due to hormonal changes in your body and making you feel unfit. The discomfort you experience during pregnancy makes you lazy to do activities. Whereas pregnancy is the right time to take care of your body and baby physically and emotionally. Here are some tips that you can do to stay in shape during pregnancy:

During pregnancy


During pregnancy you may feel that you are not in the mood to do various things, including exercise. Though exercise is very good for maintaining your body fitness. You should exercise twice a week to keep your body healthy. The recommended sports for pregnant women are walking, swimming, yoga, and gymnastics. Exercising regularly during pregnancy can reduce back pain, and morning sickness. Exercising regularly will train your heart and lungs to work harder during labour.

Eat healthy food

When pregnant, also pay attention to your diet and the food you consume. Even though you are carrying a baby, it does not mean you have to eat a lot to meet the needs of these two people. It is important to adjust the diet with a balanced diet, do not forget to eat vegetables and fruit during pregnancy. Reduce fatty foods and caffeine to maintain a healthy body during pregnancy. Consumption of foods high in fiber, protein, folate and iron as nutrients for baby development.

Reduce exposure to chemicals

Chemicals are found in household products, cosmetics and the food you consume. To reduce exposure to chemicals, try not to clean the house with cleaners/liquids that contain high chemicals. If you want to use cosmetics, choose a trusted product that does not contain chemicals or comes from nature. To reduce chemicals in food, choose organic foods and wash fruits and vegetables before cooking to remove pesticides.